What does GLL do?

We produce the finest logs for log homes available anywhere. We have developed the lamination process unique to engineered logs. Our products include laminated insulated logs and laminated timber logs. A log home built with our products will provide all of the warmth and beauty that natural products bring, yet lacks all the problems associated with timber in its natural state.


What sets us apart:

  • No shrinking of the log because the water in the wood has been removed.
  • Virtually no settling of logs as they dry over time. No construction settling systems are required.
  • Our logs can have a finish put on them immediately.
  • Our kiln drying process kills any fungus or insects living in the wood.  We set pine pitch to 150 degree F.
  • Checking, splits, & stain in the wood are virtually eliminated.
  • Logs and timbers that are straight and remain that way. Reduced construction times and no twisting and bowing of the logs. Stack joints that remain sealed.
  • Our logs are significantly stiffer than the whole timber option for the same log.
  • Our logs are significantly lighter than whole timber logs. Less water in the wood.
  • Our logs are ideally suited for high altitude and arid climates.
  • Our insulated logs have a much higher “R” value than natural whole timber.  Typically we can provide an R-value increase of more than 100%.
  • We can produce all of our log profiles with a mixed species option.